The basic beliefs of the DBL team provided a framework for the creation of a focus for DBL. This framework had to deliver on the fundamental beliefs and vision in a sustainable and cost effective manner.


Very sadly there are many needy and disadvantaged people and communities throughout the world. While we would like to help them all we have to recognise that we cannot be all things to all people in delivering support. It is important to maintain a clear view, work within our vision and focus where our skills enable us to deliver the best outcomes.


The foundation determined therefore that DBL would focus on the areas of;


- Education

- Health

- Community Infrastructure.


Further the primary DBL focus is on creating or upgrading infrastructure in the three key focus areas.


Within these fields the DBL model is one where the focus is on working with communities at the local level to identify their needs and to ensure that they understand that any projects funded and managed by DBL are being undertaken to put infrastructure in their hands enabling them to drive their own development. We do not maintain a long term presence in any community but operate to guide communities to take control of their own destinies.


A primary focus is on children and creating futures for them but this does not exclude operating in any other area.