Health Care Project


All Ears (AE) was established as an NGO in Cambodia over 20 years go and is run today by the founder Glyn Vaughan. All Ears as the name suggests focuses totally on addressing hearing and associated problems with Cambodian people, people are treated regardless of financial resources , ncluding the proviion of hearing aids. Based on the caseload from 3 branches in 2017 where over 25,000 people were seen and treated the number in coming years will be in the hundreds of thousands.


All Ears has 13 full time employees and trains over 15 technicians per year for work in the community. The majority of their work is undertaken by volunteers and financially they survive on donations .


AE wished to expand their work to meet demand and wanted to improve technical capabilities. DBL supported them by acquiring a sound booth, Tympanometer and a

a rigid endoscope.


Project Commencement Date: Q1.2017

Project Completion Date: Q2.2017

Ho Chi Minh

Free Clinic

Ho Chi Minh

Free Clinic