Miami, U.S.A.

Orphanage Upgrade Project



His House Children's Home is a facility in Miami that provides residential care, foster home placement, counselling, education and transitioning needs for children in crisis. The facility has large numbers of children who are caught illegally migrating across the borders into the USA.  Care is provided in a village environment with children in small cottage units living with carers.


The facility has been operating for 28 years and in that time has helped over 14,000 children. It currently houses 232 children in 16 cottages. Challenges are compounded as the children come from 8 different countries. The current volume of children arriving cannot be catered for with over 1000 turned away in the past year.


DBL will renovate and upgrade two cottages inside and out including renewing bedding and some soft furnishings.


Project Commencement Date:Q1.2018

Project Completion Date: TBA