Can Long Village, Vietnam

School Construction Project


Can Long School has 14 rooms for 20 classes with some 650 students and 38 teachers—school runs in two shifts 6 am to 1 pm and 1 pm to 6 pm.


The school like so many others is in a poor low socio economic area where subsistence farming is the primary way of life.


4 of the rooms in the school are collapsing or have completely collapsed and cannot be used and the school only has 7 toilets for close to 700 people. As in many countries governments put little focus on schools in regional areas.


The proposal is to demolish 4 rooms and build 4 new rooms much bigger, to construct a toilet block with some 10 toilets and to upgrade the grounds of the school to reduce the impact of flooding.


Project Commencement Date: Q1.2018

Project Completion Date: TBA

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