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Zhokou City, China

Library Construction Project 

This project was developed in partnership with Che Hing Foundation (CHF) a Hong Kong based charity focused on improving the lives of HIV/Aids orphans in China. The Library was constructed in a Village near Zhoukou City in Henan Province, Western China. 

DBL provided the funding, and managed and assisted with the project, while CHF handled day to day construction and the ongoing operation of the library. The overall project involved, the construction of the library, outfitting of the library, and stocking of the library.

Project commencement date: Q1. 2010

Project completion date: Q3. 2010


Chongqing, China

Orphanage Construction Project



This project was developed with Half the Sky, a San Francisco based charity focused on improving the lives of orphans and special needs children in China. The proposal was for the creation of a Village in Chongqing for the support and development of special needs children.


The outcome was the construction and outfitting of 16 apartments and the establishment within those apartments of home environments for the children. The building was constructed by the Chinese Government, HTS provided houseparents and management and DBL assisted with outfitting of the apartments.

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