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aregntina san jorge


Buenos Aires, Argentina

Community Centre Upgrade Project

San Jorge Children’s Centre was established 8 years ago by a local NGO, Pontencialidades. The Centre provides a safe environment away from the streets of the Barrio where children are able to learn, study, play, and engage in healthy mind, healthy body activities and experience mentoring and counselling services. The Centre also offers meal program's to children in need of this service. Every day between 100 and 150 children attend the Centre.


DBL completed an extension project that provided the Centre with a second floor and upgraded the existing ground floor, including a new kitchen and toilets, therefore increasing the capacity by 50 additional children. Works were also undertaken on the playground area.


Project commencement date: Q2.2013

Project completion date: Q3.2014


Buenos Aires, Argentina

Community Centre Construction

Ludoteca Pacheco is located in a slum on the outer edge of Buenos Aries. DBL has partnered with Potencialides on a prior project to construct a Ludoteca in Buenos Aries. The partnership was very successful and as a result, DBL has chosen to partner with Potencialides on this project.


The Ludoteca creates children’s center in very poor areas. They provide a broad range of services to children including meals, counseling, drug and substance abuse education, as well as sexual education.

Potencialides operate 7 Ludoteca in the favela’s around Buenos Aries. The facility at Pacheco is to be number 8. The center was commenced, but due to a lack of funding was never completed. Services are still provided to the local children, but this is done outside and as a result limits the services they can provide.

DBL worked with Potencialides to complete the construction of this facility.


Project commencement date: Q2.2015

Project completion date: Q1.2016


Buenos Aires, Argentina

Orphanage Construction Project

Querubines was established in 1999 to provide support, housing, counseling, education and life services to young people infected with HIV who have been abandoned or orphaned. 


The organization receives some government funding, but relies primarily on donations. Services are provided from two government owned homes, which due to current demand for support do not provide the required space. 


DBL provided funding and managed a project which saw the addition of two bedrooms to one of the existing houses, thus allowing a greater number of young girls to be supported.


Project commencement date: Q2.2015

Project completion date: Q2.2018


Corrientes, Argentina-Catamarca

Accommodation Project

Fundación Si was established in Argentina in 2012 by a group of friends who wanted to address disadvantage with 6 key programs. These programs are aimed at Street kids and the homeless and the disadvantaged rural communities denied educational opportunities.

The organization receives no government funding, and it totally managed and staffed by volunteers.


One of the key programs is to provide poor rural students, were less than 1 in 100 attend university (1 in 10 in the cities) with an opportunity to gain further education and therefore become catalysts to change in their country and communities.


This outcome is achieved by building and providing free of charge student accommodation and the services associated with this accommodation. To date, 5 homes have been established, housing on average 23 students a home. 


DBL funded a new home for the program.


Project commencement date: Q2.2017

Project completion date: Q3.2017

Individuals directly impacted over 20 years: 1,126

Individuals indirectly impacted over 20 years: 11,916

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