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Our Work

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Our impact worldwide

*Countries with current projects


Project Selection

1. Projects must be in the fields of Health, Education and Community Infrastructure


2. Projects must be sustainable in the long term, without outside support



3. The local community must be engaged in and a part of the project development, execution and management



4. There must be no outside influence on the project or the Delivering of Better Lives to the local communities



5. All work must be project based and must be capable of enabling communities to take charge of their own destiny

A secondary evaluation determines how many individuals will be assisted by a project, but this is never an overriding consideration in the selection process, it simply ensures that there is a clear understanding of the scope of assistance being provided.


Once analyzed and it has been confirmed that projects meet the criterion established, they are put to the Board of Trustees for approval.


Projects are recommended to DBL by people within the communities where it has been identified that DBL will operate. These projects are then rigidly analyzed to ensure that they meet a range of criteria that include but are not limited to:


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Project Management

When a project is approved, the execution model is agreed based on the nature of the project, the location of the project and the type of work.


These models vary significantly, some models are:


A. Appointment of contractors to complete a total project


B. Appointment of a project manager to effect the project


C. Volunteer engagement


At all times it is the objective of DBL to employ labor locally to a project and acquire materials locally to a project, thus ensuring that as far as possible, funds are left in the local community, skills are transferred to the local community and the community “owns” a project.


Project Review

All projects undertaken by DBL are subject to a post project review.

This ensures that the objectives of the project were met and that the commitments to communities to improve their lives were delivered.


This process includes a computer modelling exercise that enables DBL to evaluate the number of people who were directly and indirectly impacted by any project. It is considered that this modelling and analysis is a critical element of our work,  ensuring that commitments are always met.

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