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Mumbai, India

Orphanage Upgrade Project

The orphanage was founded by Joanna Buethelle, a retired school teacher who initially began taking children into her private home to give them an option other than living on the street.


Joanna recognized that she could not continue to provide the support needed for 70 children from her small family home and had begun to develop plans to make change, but had no funds nor any form of support that would enable her to do this. The orphanage is located around 100 kilometers north of Mumbai in a small, outer suburban village. 


DBL's involvement in this project was taking responsibility for the construction and outfitting of a new building for the orphanage on the land owned by Joanna Buethelle. The new building is a two-story facility with kitchens, bathrooms and the basic facilities necessary to service the children’s needs.


Project commencement date: Q4.2009

Project completion date: Q2.2010


New Delhi, India

School Construction Project

Gnar Agna was established in Gurgaon, New Delhi, to provide an opportunity for children of immigrant workers and street children to gain an education, where otherwise they would not. The school, has to date, been run on the side of the road, exposing the children to environmental factors, a less than ideal learning environment. The children attend regardless of the conditions, weather included, as they are treated with dignity, respect and provided with opportunity otherwise unavailable to them.


DBL has provided the school with long term facilities and equipped the school as a suitable learning environment for the children. 

Project commencement date: Q2.2011

Project completion date: Q1.2016

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