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Some 15 years ago during my business travels I saw hunger, homelessness and despair and decided to do something about it.


I made a life changing decision to retire from my executive life to enable me to work with some close colleagues to create an organization that focused on Delivering Better Lives and that then became our name. We knew that by Delivering Better Lives to those in need that we were at the same time Delivering Better Lives to ourselves and others who we knew would work with us.


Delivering Better Lives

Improves technology for kids in Foster Care

We are pleased to announce the Project Connecting Foster Youth with the goal of improving technology for the children of His House Children's Home in Miami. Now, foster youth will have improved and consistent access to the internet, which is critical for digital learning, as well as thermal cameras as a safety measure against COVID-19.

It's a pleasure for all of us to help the children at His House during these challenging times. The grant will fund technology advancements that will enhance connectivity for remote learning at His House. It will also fund the installation of Access Control Thermal Cameras, an additional safety measure to the existing COVID-19 prevention protocol at His House. This wonderful project hits on all three areas of focus for the Delivering Better Lives: Education, Health and Community Infrastructure.



Delivering Better Lives to the


Who have the noble mission to decrease and prevent homelessness throughout Los Angeles County by providing comprehensive Case Management and Supportive Services, housing, job search and placement, outreach, and referral services.


Spain - 2020

Charitable Institution

Hermanitas de los Pobres (Little Sisters of the Poor)

Under the current COVID 19 pandemic that impacts with greater hardness on elderly people who living in residences we (DBL) contacted the Little Sisters of the Poor Institution as we thouth they would be working under very difficult conditions. We confirmed that they had a considerable number of support health personnel at home due to COVID19 so they had to manage the support to the residents by themselves and a few support people and volunteers.


They asked us to support them with an additional crane to allow them to move these old people. Due to the urgent circumstances, we immediately order the device that has been delivered at the San Luis Residence last March 31st.


This is the second crane donated to this Institution (As people get older they need more and more equipment to help them to move elderly people who have difficulties to move by themselves).


They have in Spain several houses (residences). In Madrid there are two locations. They take care of approximately 100 people in each location. We have also managed support on cleaning materials (bleach, ammonia, detergent, etc...) donated by a Company based in Madrid.

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