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Mashitsi Village, Burundi

School Construction Project

Mashitsi Village is located some 300 kilometers from Bujumbura, the capital of Burundi. The population of this rural village is around 5000 with some 300 elementary school age children. The nearest school was in the next valley some 10 kilometers away and there, with the only means of transport walking, many children either did not attend school or did so intermittently.


The project involved the construction of a six-room school building, with each room to seat 50 children. The construction also included a teacher’s room and a toilet block. Land for the construction of this project was provided by the local commune, and title to the land and the school building is now to be held by the commune.


Project commencement date: Q3.2009

Project completion date: Q4.2010

Individuals directly impacted over 10 years: 996

Individuals indirectly impacted over 10 years: 10,854

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