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Dhaka, Bangladesh

School Renovation Project

SLUM (Society for Lowest Urban Mass) was established in 2002. SLUM is a registered NGO which focuses on providing life support and opportunities to one of the poorest communities in Bangladesh. 


One of the SLUM projects is a school which they have named Bright Stars. The school provides free schooling to children who otherwise would not attend school. Classes are from kindergarten to Grade 6. The education received is the government’s curriculum, but the education provided goes beyond normal government education. Children are clothed, receive 2 meals a day and are  engaged in drama, dance, music and sports outside of school to keep them off the street. Some vocational training is provided as well.


The school caters for the poorest in society, but specifically has a focus on children involved in child labor, street beggars and orphans. 


DBL completed a project which undertook; renovation work, provision of furniture and fitting's and provision of classroom equipment to improve class delivery.

Project commencement date: Q2.2015

Project completion date: Q2.2015


Tangail, Bangladesh

School Upgrade Project

Singdair Village is a poor rural village around two hours from Dhaka. The Secondary School in the village was constructed 10 years ago, however it is in a poor state of repair and was never outfitted with necessary educational tools. They had no desks, chairs, library, science facilities, books or even blackboards.


DBL has now completed major works to maintain doors and windows, repair walls and ceilings, provide furniture, establish a science laboratory and library, provide sporting equipment and upgrade sporting fields and provide computer facilities.


Project commencement date: Q2.2014

Project completion date: Q4.2014


Shadupar Village, Bangladesh

School Construction Project

Shadupar Primary School services a minority ethnic community who migrated to Bangladesh from Mongolia around 200 years ago. The school is not classified as a government school and receives no support. There are around 95 families in the community, who live in a forest near Dhaka. They support themselves through small farming ventures and live very isolated from the community.


The current school was built around 20 years ago by a church and is in a terrible state of disrepair and is providing a dangerous risk to the children. The school teaches children from the ages of 4 to 12. The church provides the teachers and have committed to do so into the future. 


DBL has completed  the construction of a new 4 room primary school, as well as a teachers' room and toilet block.


Project commencement date: Q1.2014

Project completion date: Q4.2014

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