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Lilongwe, Malawi

Hospital Project

Bwaila Hospital is the District Hospital for Lilongwe. All patients who need to attend hospital must first go to this District Hospital and where required are referred to a more sophisticated but smaller hospital for only the most serious issues.


Bwaila has multiple wards including Maternity (a new facility constructed by the Rose Project), Fistula, TB, HIV, Children’s and the biggest and most busy the Out Patients Department(OPD) although the OPD is misnamed as it provides much greater services than a typical OPD.  


Bwaila is reported as the busiest hospital in Africa and is attended  by extraordinary numbers of patients who arrive from 4 am and wait up to 12 hours to be seen. Facilities are grossly inadequate, patients wait in the sun and rain, patients pass out and, in some cases, die in the queue. Government money in this impoverished country is simply not available, and the hospital develops when support is available from NGO’s. 


DBL funded the construction of a new comprehensive Out Patients Department.


Project commencement date: Q1.2016

Project completion date: Q1.2018

Individuals directly impacted over 20 years: 4, 380,054

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