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Current Project


Hospital Equipment Project

The Cardenal Herrera University in Valencia offers a psychomotor treatment service to children with mental/intellectual illnesses and disability and rare diseases. The service consists of improving children’s psychomotor capacity, so that when they reach adolescence, they can perform movements normally. 


The service includes sporting activities and training that enables parents to do the exercises with their kids at home.


Javier Martinez Gramaje is responsible for the Physiotherapy Department of the Cardenal Herrera University and offers this service free of charge to those who need it. The program's objective is to expand the service capacity to more families and increase the number of treatments and activities that are currently carried out.


The project will be carried out for a period of two years, focusing mainly on the purchase of equipment to allow the hospital to increase the number of treatments provided.


Project commencement date: Q1.2018

Project completion date: TBA


Madrid, Spain

Community Centre Upgrade

The St. Vincent de Paul Centre in Madrid provides numerous services to hundreds of unemployed and poverty-stricken individuals in Madrid weekly. They provide over 100 meals per meal time and other essential items such as clothing and household necessities.


DBL completed a project to upgrade and fit-out the current facilities in the Centre's clothing store. This involved the supply of new cupboards, tables and shelving options to better allow for collection and distribution of clothing items.


Project commencement date: Q3. 2013

Project completion date: Q3. 2013

Individuals directly impacted over 20 years: 24,304

Individuals indirectly Impacted over 20 years: 116,848


Madrid, Spain

Community Centre Upgrade

Amis Youth Centre was established in 1998 as an NGO without any political or religious affiliations. The organization is funded by the city council and community donations. Amis provides support, counselling and a broad range of other services to youth between the ages of 14 and 22.


DBL undertook two projects at the center. The first was to renovate existing facilities and the second was the implementation of a new classroom to assist young people in developing skills useful to the job search.


Project commencement date: Q1.2013

Project completion date: Q2.2014

Individuals directly impacted over 20 years: 880

ST. VINCENT de PAUL Literacy Workshop

Madrid, Spain

Literacy Education Project

Madrid, Spain is the home to many migrants from many countries around the world with limited to no local language skills. The St. Vincent de Paul Society in Madrid aims to improve the ability of these individuals to integrate into Spanish society by running language workshops for migrants. The lack of language skills can lead to social isolation, and limitations in opportunities in a new land.


St. Vincent de Paul's current program schools 25 people, mostly women, on a twice-weekly basis.  The program requires some basic items to improve the quality of education taught. DBL has agreed to provide the program with the following; learning materials, bookcases and shelving for the classroom and financial support for transportation requirements of the students for the 9-month program. 

Project commencement date: Q2.2016

Project completion date: Q4.2016



Youth Centre Development

Amis is a youth support organization located in Madrid that was assisted by DBL with a small project in 2012. Amis provides a broad range of counselling and support services to young people between the ages of 14 and 22, a substantial focus is on refugees in this age bracket.


Amis has operated from the same premises in Madrid since 1998, but has recently had their lease terminated and have located to a new property that requires significant work.


DBL funded the preparation of the building; including painting and provision of equipment and furniture.


Project commencement date: Q2.2017

Project completion date: Q4.2017


Sepna, Spain

Hospital Equipment Project

This project is at the General University Hospital in Madrid for the Child and Adolescent Psychiatry Service. This unit provides free services to mental health patients and their families. 


Services are provided to young people up to the age of 17 together with families and caregivers. They cater to some 4000 patients a year which results in over 400 hospitalizations.


DBL worked with the Centre to establish a “Mirror Room” a room with two-way mirrors so that treatments and responses can be observed, and the best outcomes achieved.


 Project commencement date: Q2.2018

Project completion date: Q4.2018

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