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Campinas, Brazil

Community Center Upgrade

Campinas Children’s Center is run by ANA, a division of the Nazareth Church in Brazil. The Center provides services to families from the adjacent favelas in the Campinas area. The services provided include tutoring and homework facilities, after school and weekend programs, health, hygiene and sports programs and family mediation.


The success of an existing center has led to the development of a new center, which is under construction and forecast to be completed in Q3. 2014. DBL  has established a library and Resource Facility within the center. The facility was supplied with computers, printers, and  equipment essential for study, homework and various other community programs.

Project commencement date: Q3.2013

Project completion date: Q1.2014

Individuals directly impacted over 20 years: 7,413

Individuals indirectly impacted over 20 years: 80,918

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