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Klong Toey, Thailand

Community Health Project

The 2nd Chance Kitchen is a component of a project operated by UNOH, a unit of the Churches of Christ in Thailand, which has seen many thousands of poor Thais provided with an education, life training, work opportunities and a quality of life that they would not have expected.


The 2nd Chance Kitchen in Klong Toey slum, is a partnership between UNOH and DBL and now provides meals to some 200 children a day and a venue for these children and others in the community to come together as one to explore and create opportunities for themselves.


Project commencement date: Q2.2012

Project completion date: Q3.2012


Bangkok, Thailand

Orphanage Construction Project

Boonchu Children’s' Home is an orphanage and day center that provides for severely disabled children. The facility provides accommodation for children who live on site and allows parents to leave children for the day while they work.


The home is well run and has reasonable facilities for the children. The facility was privately constructed and is privately owned but does receive some government support for the care of the day students.


DBL will undertake two phases of works at the Orphanage. The first saw the  construction of a new perimeter fence to ensure the safety of the children. This has now been completed. The second will see the construction of a new dormitory to house the orphanages young boys.


Project commencement date: Q4.2013

Project completion date; Q2.2014


Bangkok, Thailand

Orphanage Upgrade Project

Lorenzo's Home is run by the Camillian Sisters in Bangkok on donated land. The center provides accommodation and care for orphans from rural eastern and central regions of Thailand who have lost both parents. The children are aged from birth to 10 years and all children are HIV positive, with some also having physical or intellectual disabilities.  The sisters provide all Anti-Retroviral medication to maintain the children's health.


DBL has now completed the construction of a new home for Lorenzo's. The home will house young girls and provide them with the skills to survive life after the orphanage, including cooking, budgeting and general housekeeping.



Project commencement date: Q2.2014 

Project completion date: Q4.2015


Bangkok, Thailand

Education Program

Bangwanghin Primary School is located in Rayong some 200 kilometers from Bangkok. It is a government school with very little funding. The school offers grades 1 to 6 and has some 400 students and 17 teachers.


As with most schools we work with the rural community around the school is a low socio-economic subsistence farming community, with a high proportion of special needs children who are integrated into the local school system.


The school has enough buildings and in the main adequate facilities but is in desperate need of a specialized playground for special needs children and to enable a broader use for  outside curriculum.


DBL funded and managed the establishment of a specialized playground.


Project commencement date: Q2.2017

Project completion date: Q2.2017


Patthulung Thailand

School Upgrade Project

Some time ago the Thai Government made a decision to cease support for smaller schools with an aim to create much larger regional schools. Unfortunately, this resulted in children having to travel long distances to school and as a result many have ceased attending school at all.


Thai Monks are attempting to address this issue by creating schools in areas where they are needed and have an agreement with the government that they will have government support when the student body exceeds 100, but that they must close if student numbers drop below 40.


Patthalung School is one of these new schools located in a poor flood prone area.  The Monks have a plan to expand the school when funding is available, to address some specific needs. 


DBL created a computer facility and flood protected playground. The cost involved only the project costs as the monks committed to cover all transport and admin costs and any future projects. With these two projects complete the school will survive and grow and kids will be able to obtain an education.


Project commencement date:Q4.2017

Project completion date: Q4.2017


Ratchaburi, Thailand

School Upgrade Project

This  project will see a new home for up to 12 teenage boys and two caregivers who have no family or have been abandoned by their families. The home is to be built on the grounds of the Bethany Home for elderly ladies.


The location has been selected as it is close to vocational schools, is where a number of sisters are located and allows the teenage boys to volunteer in the elderly care facility when not at school or studying.


The orphanage now caters for children 0 to 13 years of age with teenage girls and boys moving into their respective homes to learn to live independently but under care.


Project commencement date:Q1.2018

Project completion date: Q1.2019


Than Huay Kok Village, Thailand

Clinic Upgrade Project

Phayoa clinic is located in a poor rural area north of Bangkok. There are around 1200 immediate area residents and many more in surrounding small communities. The nearest hospital/medical center is 3 hours travelling.


Local volunteers have set up a community health center in a shed at a local school. This is manned by 8 volunteer medical staff from the nearest hospital, on a rotational basis with someone there every day. The clinic is now seeing over 30 patients a day in a run-down shed, that is badly in need of work and  limited medical equipment.


This proposal involved the renovation of a shed including a new roof, construction of paths to the shed, provision of a water supply and washing facilities and the provision of medical equipment including Vital Signs Monitors, Otoscopes and Ophthalmoscopes, emergency first aid kits and minor surgery sets. Some basic furniture items were also provided.  

Project commencement date:Q1.2018

Project completion date: Q2.2018

Lorenzo’s Home Scholarship Program

Betty Duman School

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