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Puerto Rico

Current Project


School Renovation Project

This project will create a space for broader learning and engagement at Escuela Especializada Francisco Manrique Cabrera with the renovation of the School's Library


Puerto Rican schools are still suffering the after effects of Hurricanes Irma and Maria this coupled with continuing economic decline has led to major issues in schools and society.


This plan while aimed at renovating and upgrading library facilities has much broader objectives that will enhance learning, keep children at school, create quality learning spaces and become a  hub for broad school activities.


Project commencement date: Q1. 2019

Project completion date:

Current Project


Equipment Provision Project

This project involves the creation of a farm/garden project at Escuela Especializada Francisco Manrique Cabrera.


The school is a public school in Puerto Rico where most schools and homes have little or no access to fresh fruit and vegetables, with the consequential impacts on diet and health. Children are not educated on the benefits of growing fruit and vegetables and the impact on their health.


This project is in partnership with a local organization named Terra Nova Urbana and involves :

Creating gardens

Installing irrigation

Teachings around composting and building compost units.

Creating plant nurseries

Introducing hydroponics.

The food grown will be used in the school canteen and or sent home with the children.

Project commencement date: Q1. 2019

Project completion date:



Hogar Querubines is an old people's home located in the rural area of Ponce and currently cares for 21 elderly high care patients. In September 2017 the Home, lost all power due to a cyclone, and it has never been reconnected, nor currently is there any hope of reconnection.


There are 6 patients in the home who are currently on life support and rely on an extension of power from the local police academy. This arrangement cannot continue as the academy does not need power 24/7 and is keeping the power operating to the Home until a solution is found.


The government provides US 1300 per month for care of these elderly people, but does not cover adequate basic needs, let alone the provision of a long term power supply. DBL will provide a generator for the Old People's Home and to have it installed professionally.

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