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Sri Lanka

Current Project


Divulapitiya, Sri Lanka

School Upgrade Project

 This Primary School is in an isolated rural area and has over 800 students and 25 teachers( without appropriate toilet and washroom facilities.


Like all schools in Sri Lanka, Horagasmulla receives little government support and the students and teachers are left to fend for themselves.


This proposal is to build a substantial toilet block that will service the school and allow for growth.


Project commencement date: Q1.2019

Project completion date: TBA

Current Project


Asigiriya Sudarshana, Sri Lanka

School Upgrade Project

Asigiriya Sudarshana School has around 300 students and 22 staff . It is located some distance from Colombo in Asgiriya the largest major town close by being Gampaha.


The school has primary and Secondary students, because of the location and lack of facilities this school finds that the better performing students leave at around level 7 or 8 to find schools with better facilities. This creates bigger challenges as those who stay need more help and better teaching tools.


This proposal is to upgrade a room for a computer laboratory and install a small networked system of around a dozen computers that will be used for teaching and for intensive work with struggling students.


Project commencement cate: Q1.2019

Project completion date: TBA

Current Project


Pelmadulla, Sri Lanka

School Upgrade Project

This school  is in Pelmadulla on the outskirts in Colombo with over 3000 students across 13 grades (Prep to 12) and around 115 teachers.


The school has a very committed teaching team and has excellent results each year. 

The major gap in the school’s education facilities is a lack of computers, with the only available computers used for administration.


This proposal is to renovate a room to become a secure computer laboratory and to outfit it with network of computers and printers to serve the students and at night the local community.


Project commencement date: Q1.2019

Project completion date: TBA


Polonnaruwa, Sri Lanka

School Upgrade Project

Beralihela School provides education for years 1 through to 11 for approximately 250 students, the majority from a lower socio-economic area of Sri Lanka. The school was very basic with limited facilities and low ongoing funding. As with most schools in Sri Lanka it was impacted by the tsunami which occurred nearly 10 years ago. The impact of this disaster was felt in many ways, as well as loss of life and destruction of buildings; breakdown of home life, mental illness, and land reclamation were also experienced as a result. All of these factors have affected education in Sri Lanka at varying levels.


DBL worked to improve the school's facilities to enable it to provide the education the children deserved. The project included the construction of a library, laboratory and computer studies classroom and renovation of the grounds, as well as the outfitting of these facilities.


Project commencement date: Q1. 2013

Project completion date: Q3. 2013

Individuals directly impacted over 20 years: 1,153

Individuals indirectly impacted over 20 years: 8,460


Trincomalee, Sri Lanka

Orphanage Project

Following the Asian Tsunami, where over 250,000 people lost their lives, DBL  committed, with the support of all of the UTi team members and the Company, to undertake a major program in one of the countries impacted by this tragedy. After evaluating the needs in all impacted countries, a decision was made to support “Tsunami” orphans in Trincomalee in Sri Lanka.


This program was undertaken in partnership with a local mission who provided the support services on the ground.  The program covered some 130 children who had lost one or both parents in the Tsunami and who ranged in age from 7 to 13, the commitment was to support these children until they reached 18 years of age.


Some children lived in communal care, others with house parents, but they were provided with all of the care that they would receive living in a normal family environment.


Project commenced: Q1. 2004

Project completion:  Q3. 2010

Direct impact over 10 years: 106

Indirect impact over 10 years: 492



Tissamaharama, Sri Lanka

Training Centre Upgrade Project

Tissamaharama Vocational Training Centre is a local government administered vocational training facility. It provides disadvantaged students with the opportunity to undertake further education to increase their skills and therefore their chance of employment in a broad range of semi-skilled roles. The Training Facility trains between 20 and 50 young people at a time and has the potential to impact many thousands of young people seeking employment.


DBL has completed a project to upgrade and outfit the Vocational Centre's training auditorium. In addition, DBL has provided a range of equipment and materials that will allow the Centre to expand its training into various fields.


Project commencement date: Q1.2013

Project completion date: Q2.2014

Individuals directly impacted over 20 years: 982

Individuals indirectly impacted over 20 years: 55,968


Sabaragamuwa Province, Sri Lanka

Community Support Project

CCC foundation is an NGO in Sri Lanka whose specific focus is on two areas; transit houses for cancer patients and a toll-free counseling service aimed at suicide prevention.


CCC is totally run by volunteers and is funded exclusively by donations and despite attempts to identify long term corporate support receives limited funding


DBL supported CCC by undertaking renovations to the Cancer hospice.


Project commencement date: Q1.2018

Project completion date: Q1.2018

Dadigama Parakumbba School

 Panawala School

Dadigama Parakumbba School

Sabaragamuwa, Sri Lanka

School Upgrade Project

Pragnadeera School is in the Sabaragamuwa Province in Sri Lanka.  The school has 175 underprivileged students from lower socio-economic families.


In 2017 DBL approved a project at this school to construct new classrooms building that were desperately needed and the work of the school principal to raise funds for this work.


The approved work for the first project has now been completed, however DBL has high standards in regard to the work we expect and to bring the work complete up to standard the project required further work. This further work saw bathrooms completed to our standards, stairs made safer and more robust floors and ceilings enhanced.

Project commencement date: Q3.2018

Project completion date: Q2.2019

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