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Tete, Mozambique

School Construction Project

The Benga Village School operated from extremely poor facilities and required both  morning and afternoon sessions to educate as many children as possible. The buildings were desolate and in a state of disrepair.


In partnership with a number of mining companies active in the area, DBL worked as part of a team to substantially upgrade the school and improve the educational opportunities for all students.


Project commencement: Q4. 2011

Project completion: Q2. 2012


Nhamisenguere, Mozambique

Community Facility Project

Escola Primaria de Nhamisenquere is located about 300kms from Beira, Mozambique. The school has around 300 students and operates from an open building. 


The building is in terrible condition, the roof is collapsing and there are no bathroom facilities. Classes are often held outside as the building cannot house all the students.


DBL has supported the school to replace the existing roof and establish an ablutions block.


Project commencement date: Q3.2016

Project completion date: Q4.2016


Beira, Mozambique

School Upgrade Project

Escola Primaria Amilcar Cabral is located in Beira, Mozambique. The school is completely run down and desperately in need of upgrades to most of its facilities and buildings. 


DBL undertook extensive works which include renovation and maintenance works, provision of equipment and supplies, upgrading toilet blocks, installing floors and many other works required. 


Project commencement date: Q2.2013

Project completion date: Q4.2015

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