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Manggahan Village, Philippines

Library Construction Project & Vocational Training Program

This project is a partnership between DBL, and a local Philippines based NGO named Gawad Kalinga (GK). GK was established to focus on slum and squatter redevelopment and resettlement, and through some very creative programs, has been very successful in changing the lives of many thousands of people. DBL has partnered with GK on a number of projects.

DBL with this project created a Learning Resource Centre/Library for the people of Manggahan and established a vocational training program so that young people, who complete school, can move on to learning job skills and become employable.

Project commencement date: Q1.2012

Project completion date: Q4.2013


Manggahan Village, Malaysia

Community Development Project

Manggahan is a village that has developed over some years in vacant parkland in n Manila. The community has built their own homes from scrap materials and without any community planning or structural integrity. 


A community organization in Manila, Gawad Kalinga (GK) have worked in these communities for many years. They work with the communities to reconstruct homes and to create community facilities to give the communities a focus for activities and to create pride within the community.


These developments take considerable time as they involve rebuilding, in this case 640 homes, using sweat equity with new homes only being built after other dwellings are removed.


DBL's involvement was to reconstruct homes, but also to fund the construction of the community Activity Centre.

Project commencement: Q2. 2009

Project completion: Q2. 2010


Subic Province, Philippines

School Construction Project

Barangay School is in Subic Province (near Subic Bay) and has a population that includes around 40% of an indigenous tribe called the Aetas.


There are two schools in the community, one of which is primarily used by the Aetas. The school used by the Aetas is currently unable to be used for schooling due to damage sustained in a typhoon several months ago. School is being conducted in the chapel of a local church, which is not large enough to accommodate the number of children and unsuited to use as a school.


There are some 225 Aetas from pre-school to high school who were attending school prior to the cyclone and were unable to attend due to the damage sustained at the school. 


DBL funded and managed the construction of a new school, that now ensures the Aetas can attend school.


Project commencement date: Q3.2018

Project completion date: Q3.2019


Manggahan Village, Philippines

Educational Scholarship Program

DBL has previously undertaken or is undertaking projects in reconstruction of housing, construction of community facilities, book distribution  and the construction of a Learning Resource Centre. This project aims to continue DBL's support in this community, particularly in the area of assisting individuals in developing skills and obtaining education.


DBL developed a Scholarship program to allow 15 people to undergo vocational training in a bid to gain employment. The program will  be provided for the education of 10 children at a Secondary level, which without this support they would not undertake. Recently, the first 11 scholarship students received their graduation certificates. Their certificates were in the areas of Hotel & Restaurant Cooking, Automotive Mechanics and Computer PC Operation. The recipient of the Computer PC Operation Certificate has since been employed in the Learning Resource Centre to handle all computer-based learning. The success of these individuals shows the value of this program and the outcomes that can be achieved by supporting education.


Project commencement date: Q4.2014

Project completion date: Q2.2015


Manggahan Village, Philippines

Book Distribution Project

The Books for the Philippines project aims to distribute books among schools within an area at no cost to the recipients. This program is developed by DBL and run in partnership with the World Book Drive. The World Book Drive supplied the books free of charge and DBL arranged the logistics and distribution of these books within schools and facilities of Manggahan Village, Philippines.


This is the fifth book distribution project in a series between the two organizations, aimed at building literacy in the developing world.


Project commencement date: Q1. 2012

Project completion date: Q1. 2013


Cebu, Philippines

School Renovation Projects

The Cebu region of the Philippines was catastrophically impacted by both a typhoon and an earthquake in succession in 2013. The result was hundreds of thousands of people left homeless and basic infrastructure destroyed. 


DBL has been investigating projects in the area and determined a need to focus on schools. Around 1000 schools in the area were impacted by these natural disasters.  Some of these schools have had some works undertaken to improve them, however many are incomplete or have had no attention at all.


DBL focused on two of these schools and worked to complete renovation work that had been commenced to bring them up to a standard suitable for education.


Project commencement date: Q4.2014

Project completion date: Q4.2015

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