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Guadalajara, Mexico

Hospital Music Program

This project was recommended to the Foundation by the UTi team in Mexico. The team had been visiting the hospital and helping out regularly under their community programs, and could see some real opportunities to extend and develop the music program for disadvantaged children as a major part of their rehabilitation.


They recommended that the Foundation assist the Hospital and that the assistance be provided to the music program. DBL provided a broad range of musical instruments that will enable the extension and development of the program.


Project commencement date: Q2. 2011

Project completion date: Q2. 2011


Guadalajara, Mexico

Orphanage Upgrade Project

Madre Carmelita is an orphanage established in 1997 by Madre Carmelita a former Spanish nun. The facility provides services from three homes and is dedicated to supporting young women who are orphaned, from poor families or in danger of abuse in their home. The orphanage provides counselling to enable these young women to adjust to their life circumstances and to become valuable members of society.


DBL increased the capabilities of the facility and improved the existing facilities. Specific tasks completed were the erection of security fences to protect the young women and the construction of toilets and wash facilities in the houses.


Project commencement date: Q3.2010

Project completion date: Q3.2011


La Cuata, Mexico

Community Development Project

Aldea is a community initiative created by a non-profit organization. The objective of Aldea is to provide opportunities for local youth to develop trade skills, receive the benefit of mentoring and guidance and to create opportunities to develop and sell organically grown produce. The organization has an 18-acre organic farm on which this work takes place and where various foodstuffs are grown.


Aldea are in the process of creating a Trade School with various trades catered for that will open in 2018. Aldea work with around 150 young people a year and this anticipated to increase to over time to 300.


DBL funded kitchen renovations and the acquisition and installation of a Vegetable and Fruit Dehydrator to be used for training and for the production of dried fruit and vegetables for sale.


Project commencement date: Q3.2018

Project completion date: Q1.2019


Guadalajara, Mexico

Hospital Equipment Project

Critonata Children's Centre located in Guadalajara, Mexico provides medical and rehabilitation services to children with life altering diseases and disabilities. Many of the children who attend Critonata come from impoverished backgrounds and have no capacity to support their care or fund the equipment and services they require. DBL has previously worked at this center to support a music program for the children with outstanding outcomes as a result of this contribution.


DBL provided much needed electric wheelchairs for the Critonata Centre. Many of the children were in desperate need and simply unable to afford to purchase wheelchairs.  The wheelchairs were assigned to individuals, but remain the property of Critonata.


Project commencement date: Q3. 2013

Project completion date: Q3. 2013

Individuals directly impacted: 375 

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