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South Africa

Current Project


Nancefield, South Africa

School Construction Project

Villa of Hope is a children's home operating from premises donated by Johannesburg Water and other donors. The organization is being hit hard by the withdrawal of financial support from a  lot of NGO’s in and around the townships.


Villa of Hope takes in young boys and girls who have been subject to or are at risk of sexual abuse, substance abuse or violence, neglect and abandonment. Most come from broken families and are directed to Villa of Hope by welfare agencies.


The property is in Nancefield and operates from 25 houses on the site previously occupied by employees of Johannesburg Water.


The most pressing need for the home is for a security fence to keep out the criminal element and those who would be a negative influence on the young residents.


Project commencement date: Q4.2019

Project completion date: TBA



Tembisa, South Africa

Orphanage Upgrade Project

The orphanage was established and is operated and owned by Regina Sekagbela an elderly Sotu woman who has used her own funds to create the facility to provide services that she saw were in desperate need. The Orphanage is approved by the government and receives children who are referred by police and social workers, but has no regular funding sources and survives on ad hoc donations.


The facility provides a loving, caring home for those who live there, but is grossly inadequate. Dormitories are too small, kitchen not equipped, toilets inadequate, and wash facilities built for half the number of children.


The local UTi team have been supporting the facility with food and clothing and will continue to do so by cleaning up the property, developing the playground and painting the facility.


DBL will construct a new kitchen, dining room, convert the existing kitchen area into a dormitory and extend the toilet and bathroom facilities.


Project commencement date: TBA

Project completion date: TBA


Port Elizabeth, South Africa

School Construction Project

Helenvale Primary School, in the township of Helenvale is an area facing extreme hardship. The unemployment rate of the area is around 80% and there is an extremely high rate of HIV and TB infection. The school has a dedicated team of educators and around 850 students. Unfortunately, due to a lack of facilities, the school currently turns away between 50 and 100 children every year.


The school had sound basic buildings, but DBL undertook general maintenance and building upgrades, electrification works and the construction, fit-out and stocking of a new library facility.


Project commencement date: Q2.2013

Project completion date: Q4. 2014


KwaMashu Township, South Africa

School Construction Project

The facility is run by the local pastor, his wife and volunteers, operating from premises loaned permanently by the church, and provides crèche and preschool services to between 80 and 100 children. The facility receives no financial assistance from anyone and functions on irregular contributions from parents and donations from local food vendors.


DBL undertook work including electrical and plumbing works, ceiling installation, room construction, veranda construction, kitchen upgrade, washing machine, play area and the provision of equipment within the facility. DBL returned to this project after security bars were stolen, replacing them with stronger bars in a bid to protect the investment. 


Project commencement date: Q1.2010

Project completion date: Q1.2012

Individuals directly impacted over 20 years: 1,994

Individuals indirectly impacted over 20 years: 19,458


Khatelong Township, South Africa

School Construction Project

Tshabalala Primary School is located in Katelong Township, an area of high unemployment, HIV/Aids, single parent families and grandparent guardianship. The school was in extremely poor condition, with a dedicated teaching team attempting to educate around 900 children a day. 


DBL undertook a long-term partnership with the school aimed at creating a model school for higher educational outcomes. Works on the facilities included; painting, flooring, heating, roof works, kitchen and toilet upgrades, and long-term strategies development.  In the time since completion, enrollments have increased and the community’s attitude to education has improved.  


Project commencement date: Q1.2008

Project completion date: Q2.2009

Individuals directly impacted over 10 years: 1,500

Individuals indirectly impacted over 10 years: 16,850


Johannesburg, South Africa

Book Distribution Project

Books for Africa 2010 was a partnership with Thriftbooks of the USA. Thriftbooks supplied the books free of charge and DBL together with UTi took responsibility for shipping and distributing these books throughout South Africa.


Project commencement date: Q1. 2011

Project completion date: Q4. 2011


Tanzania & South Africa

Community Health Project


HIV/Aids is a significant issue in Africa and requires constant focus to treat and prevent. In Tanzania and South Africa, Community Healthcare workers distribute and administer Anti-Retro Viral drugs to HIV/Aids patients on a daily basis.


In 2009 DBL teamed up with Bicycling Magazine through their program Bikes for Africa, to ship bikes to both Tanzania and South Africa for distribution to Healthcare workers. These bikes allow 10 times more patients to be seen daily, than if these workers were to travel on foot.


Project commencement date: Q2. 2009

Project completion date: Q4. 2009



Bloemfontein, South Africa

Facility Upgrade Project

This center was established by Pastor Sana and his wife in 1993. It is an approved government center which receives a monthly grant and one week’s food for the center. Other than this, the center survives on what it can beg or borrow from donors.


Madame Sana grew up on the street and wanted to help children in similar circumstances. She  created the center to support homeless and at-risk children and those who had been abused or were at risk of abuse. All children go to school and are made to graduate high school. They only leave when they have support in the community that will enable them to survive.


The center operates on premises which were purchased for them, they have a large piece of land in the center of an old township which they have clear title to.  The building currently on the land is one of the worst DBL has seen. It is in a complete state of disrepair and the scope of the work required is enormous, every part of the building requires work.


DBL funded and managed the construction of a new kitchen, dining, study building and renovate the toilets and showers.

Project commencement date: Q2. 2015

Project completion date: Q1. 2016


Bloemfontein, South Africa

Community Centre Construction Project

Beudene is a day care center for the disabled. It was founded in 1999 by Beulah van Aswegen, an Occupational Therapist. The center is government approved but receives no government funding. Fees are charged to those with the capacity to pay, but no one is excluded from care on the basis of capacity to pay. All ages and ethnic groups are catered for. This is a private facility run on a not for profit basis.


DBL funded and managed the construction of a warehouse style center in which a range of classes and activities will be conducted aimed at improving the quality of care and development for these special people.


Project commencement date: Q4.2014

Project completion date: Q3.2015

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