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Hi, I'm Daniel  Krassenstein, as a board member of the non-profit “The Delivering Better Lives Charitable Foundation”, I am proud to say that our infrastructure projects have had an impact on every continent and in over 30 countries. From building a free medical clinic in Vietnam to housing construction in Egypt to a kitchen renovation at an orphanage in Colombia. We believe that all people deserve the right to food, shelter, education and basic healthcare.


Today, I am seeking your support for three wonderful projects for which we are simultaneously fundraising.


The Buffalo Maendeleo Youth Soccer Club teaches young refugee children the joy and confidence that comes from sports and teamwork, and to make them feel welcome and valued in their new hometown.  The goal is to immediately train 60 refugee girls and boys from age 5-14 who come from all refugee populations (including Rwanda, Somalia and Ukraine, to name a few), with an eventual youth target market in the several hundred.  DBL intends to support them by providing a storage container, a 2nd large goal and a scoreboard.


Al-Maydan is an urban school rehabilitation project in Amman, Jordan.  Our scope of work is to equip the school with clean wash facilities, upgrade the electricity and provide education-friendly furniture.  The children (age 6-15) will be able to learn in a safe and clean environment. The school will benefit 120 students at 12 teachers.


His House Children’s Home is a facility in Miami, U.S.A, that provides residential care, foster home placement, counselling, education and transitioning needs for children in crisis. DBL will return to His House Children's Home to undertake the renovation of one of the homes on their campus. This is the third project DBL has undertaken at His House.


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Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much...

Please join me by donating to support our global projects with a purpose - helping us deliver better lives to those who need our help.

We can do this

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